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The cyber war between India and Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. According to Times of India, Pakistani hackers allegedly hacked websites of Delhi University, IIT-D and Aligarh Muslim University on Tuesday.

Pakistani Hackers attack
Image Source: India Today

The hack was in response to the hacking of Pakistan railways website and also in solidarity with the innocent Kashmiri people being murdered by the Indian Army.

Recently after Pakistan’s military courts gave a death penalty to Indian Spy, Kulbhushan Jadhav on the charges of espionage, the hackers of the two countries have again locked horns in the digital warfare.

According to DailyMail, the Indian hackers allegedly hacked 30 websites of the Pakistani government on Monday in protest against the judgment of military courts.

The message on the website read; “Charges against Kulbhushan Jadhav are fictitious, fake and farcical. There is no evidence of wrongdoing by him. This is an act of ‘premeditated murder. Earlier it was Sarabjeet, now it’s Jadhav.”

‘Lulzsec India’ –  a team of 11 hackers took the responsibility for the said hack. Another hacker group, Telangana Cyber Warrior, claims that it has infected the network of a government hospital in Karachi.

One of their group members said: “We have their entire computer network under our control. We can modify patients’ records and monitor their health condition.” Also, a group that calls itself Kerala Cyber Warriors said to have hacked the website of Pakistan Academy for Rural Development.

Today, The Express Tribune reported that the website of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was allegedly hacked by Indian hackers. Following the trends of the past, the cyber attack was in retaliation to alleged hacking Indian websites.

Hackers attack PPP
Image Source: The Express Tribune
Indian hackers PPP website
Image Source: The Express Tribune

The hacker group called Ind_C0d3r and Mr. Sh3ll has accepted the responsibility of the hack. The website which has now been recovered, read “Stop barking for Kashmir.”

The hacking of major websites of both countries is now the new normal. According to a study by Tier3, a Pakistani Cybersecurity firm, Indian hackers cybercrime groups are responsible for the majority of ransomware attacks in Pakistan and also around the globe.

At the end of last year, an official document of Pakistan’s government revealed that Indians are using fake WhatsApp video calling invite to bait the mobile users into falling for a scam. Ministry of IT as a preemptive measure then issued a Web User Advisory, refraining the WhatsApp users to follow such link as it can hack their phones.

In 2010, 36 govt. websites were hacked by Indian Cyber Army which also included websites of Pak Navy, National Accountability Bureau, Sindh Police among many others, which raises the question that after seven years, is the government digitally safe. As we analyzed at the end of 2016, 2017 will reshape the world of Cyber Attacks.

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