According to a report and survey conducted by Digital rights Foundation (DRF), around 66 percent of  Pakistani journalists face digital insecurity including being hacked, threatened, blackmailed, harassed over a sustained period of time, sexually harassed, having their data stolen, being cyberstalked, receiving malware or phishing emails etc.

Around 71 percent of female journalists and 61 percent of male journalists face digital insecurity in the country. During the survey, when women journalists were asked about the difference in the harassment of male and female journalists, 71 percent responded that women are most likely target appearance.

Also, 68 percent of women journalists believe that they are attacked more than the male journalists about their personal lives.

92 percent of the correspondents believe that the cyber harassment in journalism is extremely common. Shockingly, only 24 percent of journalists have received training in digital security and privacy.

The media organizations have also failed the journalists in Pakistan as around 60 percent of the respondents admitted that their organization has no policy to report or deal with cyber threats/harassment.

Sadly, only 9 percent of the Pakistani journalists reported their cases to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) which also shows the failure on the part of the authorities who haven’t disseminated the ways people can seek help if they are being harassed online.