Tik Tok app addiction in Pakistan is spreading like a viral fever as people from almost all genres’ of life are sharing their videos with the help of this social app. Even government officials are no exception here. The Tik Tok craze has spread to Karachi Police as policemen have shared their videos online.

Tik Tok is a social app where users can lip-synch the famous dialogues and songs. The users can also share these videos online. Although the app is getting popular across the globe, it has become a nuisance in India and Pakistan.

Policemen have shared the Tik Tok videos where they are performing dramatic moves and speaking iconic dialogues with music in the background. In the shared videos, policemen are imitating Bollywood movies and acting while using government vehicles. Some police officials are even found speaking absurd dialogues, misusing the taxpayers’ vehicles, uniform, and ammunition.

Karachi Police has taken the notice of viral social media videos and has started a departmental inquiry against the policemen involved in Tik Tok videos. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DGIP) Administration Captain (retd) Asim Khan is seeing the matter and have asked the relevant inquiry commission to submit the report within three days.

Citizens are showing a mixed reaction over the matter. Some are of the view that it’s not a big deal and policemen should also be allowed to use such social apps like other citizens while some are calling it a misuse of power, and government machinery. “Its illegal, no government employee should be allowed to display arms and misuse the uniform to display personal pomp and show,” a student commented.

police tik tok videos
Image: Facebook

Earlier, a KPK resident filed a complaint in Pakistan Citizen’s Portal. According to the several media reports, the government has decided to ban the app in Pakistan. However, there is no substantial evidence that the authorities have taken any action or willing to do something about it.