Pakistani messaging service TalkShawk app lets you chat with 5000 people in a group

TalkShawk App by Pakistani developers

It seems like Pakistani app developers are not less-talented than the developers in any other nation. In today’s fast-paced world of communication, where every other famous company is launching its messaging app, the developers in Pakistan have introduced a communication app called TalkShawk, which works on the API of Telegram.

TalkShawk app uses cloud-based technology, which is very reliable and quick. One of the primary features of a cloud-based messaging app is that it synchronizes all of your messages on multiple devices so that you can communicate with your friends or family members from all of the smartphones you own.

TalkShawk app is totally free, and its layout is very similar to that of the Telegram app, which is one of the most popular messaging apps. You can send unlimited messages, media files to your contacts.

It is important to mention here that this messaging service is not associated in any way with a leading telecom company in Pakistan, which offers a package with the same name to its customers.

Features of TalkShawk app

TalkShawk App screenshots
Features offered by TalkShawk app

Secret Messaging: There is an option called “Secret Messaging” which lets you send messages that automatically destruct after the receiver has read them. The company does not store any of your secret messages on its servers.

Stickers: The craze of using the stickers in the messages has been rising among the Internet users. That is why TalkShawk app features a number of interesting stickers, which you can send to your contacts. These stickers are available in Urdu as well as the Punjabi language.

Animated GIFs: Just like all the popular messaging apps, the TalkShawk app has an option to share the animated GIF files, which look amazing.

Web version: For those who don’t like to use apps on their smartphones, TalkShawk provides an easy alternate way. You can easily access your TalkShawk account from your web browser.

Group Messaging: This app lets you chat with up to 5000 users in a group, yes, you heard it right, 5000 users! This is more than the group chat user limit offered by WhatsApp.


Although Pakistani messaging app TalkShawk offers great features, it is still early to say if this new app could compete with the powerful services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Allo etc. But, we should give it a try since it was developed by our local app developers.

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