Pakistani student challenges Facebook with homebuilt social network, Epatcher

Epatcher Social Media Site by a student from Pakistan

A student from Multan has created a Facebook-ish social media site named epatcher. Hassan Javaid Bandesha, a young Web Programmer, and CA student launched ePatcher on 1st Jan 2017.

The layout of this website looks a lot like the amalgamation of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. It also includes some extra career related features in it like one can make a CV which will be updated in real time.

Talking to MORE, the CEO and Founder Hassan relays that he started developing the social media site in 2014 and tested the pilot project in November 2016. After receiving a good response, he finally launched the mobile site on !st February 2017.

Hassan relays that his site is a one stop shop to everything social media i.e. you can engage with your friends, build a professional network and keep an eye out for latest trends. He is still working on creating a revenue model and is currently focused on creating a user base.

He described that the ads on the site right now are just test ads, mostly non-profit and in the future, he will work on bringing more features to cater to marketing.  He learned to code and achieved his dream on his own without the help of any private or public support and didn’t approach any incubation programs as well.

Social media is the new big thing of this decade, where a person whether old or young is using it to make their life better or worse. Today we have Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit and many other platforms that are bringing together people from different parts of the world together.

Epatcher is a brilliant idea but like any other great idea, it needs to be further polished. Even Mark Zuckerberg had a bumpy ride on his Facebook journey. Firstly, the privacy risk and increased cyber crime need to be addressed, and there should be a clear strategy as to how the site will deal with it.

Secondly, Hassan has an amazing mind that turned an idea into a product, now his idea and skills need to be nurtured to further his expertise and vision into transforming the website into something great.

The privacy policy of this website claims to not share your private information like phone number or email address. The site also shares that their servers do not include personal information; instead, they collect information such as your IP address and web browser information …etc. But, when the actual ads will started to roll on and user base will increase, there should be a clear strategy to secure people’s privacy.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and especially when you’ve embarked on a journey alone. Hassan shows that with a dream and will, anyone can achieve what they set out to do.

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