Pakistani student Jawad Shafique breaks highest grading scale in Denmark

Pakistani student Jawad Shafique
Jawad Shafique’s elder brother Awais Shafique did same in 2009. (Image: Defence)

Pakistani students are not less talented than anyone. We have excellent abilities especially in the field of education. Intelligent students like Arfa Karim have brightened the name of our nation in the world.

Now, a Pakistani student in Denmark has broken the state’s maximum grading scale of 12 by successfully achieving a significant average of 13.6, a Denmark-based news agency reported.

Earlier, his elder brother also broke the record by securing an average of 12.3.

“It feels excellent. I had the intention to do well. I have succeeded. I never thought of overtaking my brother, but it’s a great honor for both of us,” says Jawad Shafique, the Pakistani student who has just been graduated from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College in Denmark.

He stated that he had worked very hard to get good grades. “When the other members of the family are doing well, you also feel to do something new and great,” he says.

Jawad Shafique has no doubt that his parents’ words have had an impact on his schooling. Since the brothers were small, their parents told them that they should focus on their education and work hard to get good grades.

“When they have a good educational record with high marks, their dream for comfortable life will come true,” says the brothers’ mother, Nusrat Shafique.

It’s a great honor for Pakistan that our students are not only doing well in our nation but also in the foreign countries.

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