Pakistani student creates smart blind stick to help blind persons walk on any surface

In Pakistan, blind persons struggle very hard to walk just a few steps; it is tough for them to reach their destinations without someone assisting them. We have observed many times on roads that the visually impaired persons find it almost impossible to cross the road without the help of someone.

White canes are used by most of the blind population in the world, but these canes are not very useful these days unless they are smart. If a blind person is walking on a slippery surface with an ordinary white cane, there is a danger of slipping, and that is why the life of a visually impaired person is always at risk.

Salman Saeed, a student at the engineering department of Government College of Technology Bahawalpur, has designed a unique blind stick. The idea behind this project is to help visually impaired persons survive without the help of anyone.

It is not an ordinary blind stick. It uses modern technology to help blind persons walk on almost any type of surface.

How blind stick works

The stick uses an ultrasonic sensor for detecting the hurdles. If a blind person is walking over a slippery surface, the buzzer in this stick alerts the person. The detecting range and buzzing sound of this blind stick can be increased or decreased according to the need.

The current model of this device is made up of wood, and all the circuits are visible, but the designer claims that if a company invests in his project, he can use a more refined material to design this device and can also minimise its diameter by adjusting all the circuit inside the stick.

Salman also has the plan to add a vibrator in this stick so that it may alert the people who are blind and deaf at the same time. He says he can sell this device in the market for Rs. 5000 only and he also wants to launch this device commercially.


  1. that’s a good invention mam, but their are such devices in foreign countries which have GPS installed in it. these are known as electronic visual aids. the cane which this man have made, was invented years ago. I remembered I first heard about this type of cane in 1999. but even then, he must be appreciated.

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