Pakistani students developed app for finding winning prize bond numbers

Prize Bond app

Zainul Abideen, 23, Wahab Jawed ,22, and Zohair Hemani are three friends in Karachi. They have finished their bachelor’s in computer science from the Institute of Business Administration. They have developed a great application for smartphones, targeting the people who buy the prize bond. It will hit the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store very soon.

In the application, the user can set a serial number of the bond only for the first time. The application automatically fills in the rest of the serial numbers itself. It stores the serial numbers and alerts the user if any serial number has won the prize. There is also a complete timetable of the draws for the entire year.

Presently, to check the winning prize bond number, people have to manually enter each serial number on the website that provides the information on prize bond.

The main idea behind this app is to help the people who buy the prize bonds and then wait for the draws and then they have to go through the tough step of finding their token number.

Pakistan is progressing in the field of mobile applications and we have seen many new innovations in this area. Recently, we have seen Texter app, which is the first Pakistani messaging app. Another Pakistani app called Whisper O is also the centre of attraction.

We should encourage the app developers in Pakistan to come forward and bring their innovations to the world so that Pakistan may compete with the software developers of the other countries.

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