Pakistani students make fuel efficient car, aim 100km/litre mileage

GIKI Team Urban Car

The key ingredient to excel in any field is to bring forward new and innovative ideas that can reshape our lives and luckily Pakistani students have been blessed with profound intellect and sheer will that can help to bring about a positive change in the world. Among such individuals rises a team from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) who have created an eco-friendly, cost-effective and road-savvy car. Known to the world as Team Urban, they have shown how their fuel efficient car can make an impact in this gloabally deteriorating environment.

Pakistani students Team Urban
Team Urban

The team is all set to participate in Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) for the second time in 2017 after mesmerizing everyone in 2016. The car was first designed and built in 2013 but due to an event cancellation in Malaysia and financial difficulties they featured the revamped car in SEM 2016 and secured seventh position in Asia with hitting a record mileage of 57.2 km/liter.

Introducing Team Urban Type 2.0

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand – Vince Lombardi#TeamUrban #SEM #GIKI #PAKISTAN

Posted by Team Urban GIKI on Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Today, driverless cars are present in the industry and even flying cars are soon to become a reality, but the current necessity of time is to create fuel-efficient and eco-friendly cars. Team Urban with improved designs aims to achieve a mileage of more than 100 km/liter and this time have its eyes on securing a position in the top three teams in the urban category.

To compete in SEM, every car has to follow certain rules and guidelines to qualify for the competition. The car made by Pakistani students; Team Urban is equipped with a 70cc engine and has the following features:


  • Body design according to the rulebook.
  • Door: 68 x 80cm
  • Windows (acrylic)
  • Windshield: Plexiglas with wiper for wet-weather running.
  • Tires and wheels
    • Diameter: 57 cm (22.5 in – required 15-17 in)
    • Rim: 18in
    • Tire width: 88mm (req. 80mm)
    • Tire tread: 4mm
  • Towing Hook according to rulebook
  • Headlights according to rulebook specifications


  • Driver Compartment: 130×105 cm
  • Seat H57 x W36 x L52 cm
  • Steering Wheel 33cm (req. 25cm)
  • Instrumentation Panel: Speedometer (180km/hr.), fuel gauge, beam lights, rpm measure, emergency brake, push button start.
  • Shift controls: gear box on left-hand side of driver with handbrake
  • Pedal area: 31.6 sq. cm (req. 25sq. cm)

The car has rack and pinion steering system, and the team has expressed that considering the size, purpose of their car and the economic window, pitman arm will be the best-suited steering system. They have used disc brakes system as they dissipate heat more quickly and are easier and cheaper to maintain.

The car uses sequential manual transmission which is faster to shift, hence making it easier and efficient and it also takes less space compared to H pattern. For the clutch, the 70 cc engine uses a wet multi-plate making the car more efficient due to its low weight and compact size.

Pakistani students Team Urban Car Dimensions
Car Dimensions

The Body structure of the car includes:

  • Dimensions
    • Length : 240 cm
    • Width: 127 cm
    • Height: 115cm
    • Wheelbase: 160cm
    • Track width: 110cm (Front) 92cm (Rear)
    • Ground clearance: 13cm
    • Luggage: 51x20x41 cm
  • Weight
    • Shell weight: 25kg approx.
    • Overall: 130kg approx.
  • Structural Rigidity: The shell is constructed of glass fiber of average thickness 2cm which serves a rigid body for the vehicle.
  • Max Speed : 60 km/h
  • Cruising speed:70km/h
  • Fuel consumption :72 km /Litre
  • Turning Radius: 86 inches
  • Brake efficiency: 70%
  • Driver Comfort: Foamed leather seat with fastening belt

This team of Pakistani students shares the ideology of patriotism, teamwork, and combined passion for engineering. They aim to build a fuel efficient vehicle that can travel furthest while consuming the least amount of fuel. The have also set their gaze at building relationships between GIKI, industry, and community.

The team is set to participate in Shell Eco-Marathon 2017 which will be held in Singapore from 16th-19th of March. They are also looking for Potential Financial Sponsors to make further improvements in their car so they can make this country proud.

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