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It is a proud moment to share that Pakistani Talent in the Hollywood has proven its worth in many films, projects, and documentaries. Pakistan, which is more popular in the world because of terror and chaos has many brighter sides which the world seldom note.

We on these pages are trying to bring that positive image of Pakistan on the front. Pakistan is not all about Talibanisation and a euphemism for all that is dark and gray.

Contrary to prevalent belief, the first Oscar did not come to Pakistan through Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy in 2012. It arrived much before that through Mir Zafar Ali and Hameed Shaukat.

While the mainstream media is focusing more on the problems we have let us spare some time to write about Pakistani Talent doing some amazing work in the Hollywood. There are numerous graphic designers, photographers and film producers who have left their impact on the lives of the world.

Hameed Shaukat

Hameed Shoukat Pakistani talent

Hameed Shaukat, a US Born Pakistani was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the USA on May 1977 is the first one on our Pakistani talent list. Hameed had a number of movies under his belt. But the most prominent one is Game of Thrones.

He made the main title for the TV Series in 2011, which also won an Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Main Title Design. He shared the award with his teammates Angus Wall (creative director), Kirk Shintani (animator), and Robert Feng (art director).

Arslan Khakwani (Tricastmedia)

Arslan Khakwani Pakistani talent

The internationally famous application Cricket Companion is a brainchild of Tricast. Now Srilankan Cricket Board, Indian Premier League (IPL) and The Board of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) are on the client list of the company.

Tricastmedia is a Software Services company, providing a full spectrum of Software Product Development, Consulting, and R&D Services to ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and enterprise of all sizes, and ranging across multiple business domains. Tricastmedia specializes in development for Apple iPhone, Android, Blackberry and J2ME domains.

Mir Zafar Ali

Mir-Zafar-Ali1 Pakistani talent

Mir Zafar Ali is a Pakistani movie visual effects artist. He has won three (3) Oscar Awards until now. He is the first Pakistani to have been connected with an Academy Award-winner for Best Visual Effects.

Ali has worked on visual effects and graphics in many Hollywood movies, including The Day After Tomorrow, X-Men: First Class, Stealth, Monster House, The Golden Compass, The Incredible Hulk, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Aliens in the Attic. His 3 Oscar awarded films are The Life of PI, The Golden Compass, and Frozen by Disney.

Novaira Masood

Novera Masood

Novaira studied software engineering from Fast-NU, Islamabad, before she went to the US to pursue her Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota. The stunning visual effects she has created in blockbusters like Maleficent, Thor, Transformers 3, and Jack the Giant Slayer speak volumes about Pakistani talent.

Having been in the field for six years, Novaira has worked in multiple areas of visual effects, but her main focus has been on performance capturing software, a technique used to capture live human body and facial data to apply onto animated characters in order to make the animations look more lifelike and realistic.

Laraib Atta


Laraib Atta (daughter of Attaullah Khan Esa Khailvi) is a professional VFX artist hails from Isakhel, Pakistan. She worked as a visual effects artist for several Hollywood films which include 10,000 BC, The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince of Persia, Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past. She also worked for BBC, Glassworks Barcelona and MPC.

She had her big breakthrough at the age of 19 back in 2006. She is Pakistan’s first and the youngest female visual effects artist in Hollywood. Laraib has also worked her magic in advertisements for Disney and promos including Olympics in China and Nike Football World Cup.

Hussain Rehman (Jawbone)

Hussain Rehman Pakistani talent

Hussain Rehman is the CEO of Jawbone at Silicon Valley, which is an American privately held consumer technology and wearable products. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

It develops and sells wearable technology such as the Jawbone UP2, UP3 and UP4 wristbands and portable audio devices, including the Jambox and Big Jambox wireless speakers, the Jawbone Era and Icon Bluetooth headsets, and Noise Assassin technology. Jawbone owns over 230 patents related to UP and its wearable technology manufacturing processes. The company was valued at $ 3 billion last year.

Adnan Aziz (Swaggable)

Adnan Aziz Pakistani talent

Swaggable is another famous silicon valley company valued at $20 million, owned by Adnan Aziz, another Pakistani talent, who previously started a venture-backed company First Flavor, out of college and was named one of Businessweek’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25. Swaggable is a US-based social network for product/brand sampling that engages consumers via product trial and generates actionable content in the form of social reviews.

Specifically, it uses the social graph (Facebook), to target samples to the right users and leverage the sampling experience to create social review content.

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