Pakistani taxpayers getting virus in emails, FBR alerts

Taxpayers virus email

It’s a fact that very few people in Pakistan are taxpayers and those who are, they are getting the email from FBR that are infecting their computers with a virus.

FBR has received several complaints and hence issued a notification that tells that FBR has nothing to do with the email that taxpayers are receiving.

These emails being camouflaged as notices that FBR is sending to the taxpayers while telling them that there are certain anomalies in their tax returns.

The receivers are being told that their filed tax returns do not match with the source of income they have mentioned and therefore, they need to contact the authorities at FBR.

“An official statement by FBR denied any association with these emails being sent from a fake email address which has no connection with FBR’s email domain.”

“These fake emails inform the targeted taxpayers the tax returns filed by them do not match their sources of income and further advise them to contact the Commissioner Inland Revenue at the earliest. These emails also reportedly carry attachments infected by harmful viruses and malware”, FBR further warned.

It is worth noting that whoever is sending those emails has the email list of taxpayers in Pakistan which is equally a point to ponder for FBR that someone bypassed their firewall and got hold of the email addresses.

This is a challenge for every organization today even the big names are equally insecure. For companies, there are security solutions, however, individuals can also make use of certain things to secure themselves.

The FBR is further describing that they are hackers and spamming with an intention to send viruses and malware to the general public and taxpayers.

“The taxpayers and the public at large are advised to ignore such fake emails and refrain from clicking any link provided in them. The receipt of such fake emails should be immediately reported to the authorities concerned”, FBR notifies further.

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