Pakistani Universities to teach Stock Trading in BBA and MBA

Stock trading BBA MBA

The major universities across Pakistan are going to introduce course regarding stock trading in their BBA and MBA curriculum. The students will be taught the financial markets of Pakistan as they continue to gain acclaim across the globe. Previously, students were being

Previously, students were only being educated about the international markets but now they will learn all about Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and other financial markets.

Universities including Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Karachi, Bahria University and Virtual University will introduce PSX as part of their BBA and MBA curriculums.

They would also be offering short courses to students in this subject. Reportedly, IBA will introduce a four-month diploma in capital markets starting this August.

The universities will collaborate with the Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan (IFMP) to effectively make the necessary changes in the course curriculum for the addition of stock trading education. This is a progressive move that will help the students to better understand the Pakistani financial markets.

In the past, we have seen that no real training is being provided to the students of BBA and MBA regarding the current financial situation of the country instead they are stuck with the case studies of international financial institutuions.

Alongside introducing this new course, the universities also need to ensure that the quality of the said curriculum resonates with the need of the financial markets of the country.

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