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Today the world will unite in celebrating the significance, the contribution and the indispensability of women around the globe.

While there is no shortage of appreciation about the women’s role as a mother and a wife, there is still a dearth of celebrating the splendid role women have played in the business world, especially in strengthening economies of the developing world.

So today we will applaud the participation of some women right here in Pakistan who have not only made a career for themselves, some of them building up from scratch, but have also been a source of job provision to dozens of people.

Let’s talk about some of the startups by women that went on to become successful businesses and a source of motivation for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

The thing about startups is that they are purely a fragment of the imagination unless they are up and running. This means that there is a huge dose of risk taking that goes into it which asks for passion, strength, and belief in oneself.

These are the very virtues that we are celebrating today with regards to women’s day. Women of modern day are personifications of all these virtues and so much more. They handle their domestic lives and continue to pave their way in the world of jobs and business as well, and here we see some of the exceptional women.

Let’s talk about Jehan Ara first – the initiator of the startup incubator Nest I/O. Her ambition when she began her incubator was to bring more women into the world of technology. She had begun her own company, Software Houses Association for IT, back in the nineties and now it was her turn to extend the same opportunity to other women.

Another example of such a successful startup company is BeautyHooked by Sahr Said and Sidra Talha. Their startup was able to attain the seed funding of approximately $280,000 and the talented young women took their company to the international level in no time.

Kalsoom Lakhani is another such incredible woman associated with the field of IT. The founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate, or better known as i2i, has not only proven her own abilities as an entrepreneur but has also paved way for several more young men and women to pursue their ideas and businesses.

So next time you hear or think about women not being good in technology, think about all these wonderful women again who have not only disrupted the market but continue to leave their mark and legacy on the economy of our country and the world.

But why stop at just technology. We have another example of a Pakistani woman who chose to attain some experience before starting her own business along with her husband.

Wajiha Kashan is one of the excellent examples of rising female entrepreneurs of Pakistan. An entrepreneur who made headways with her 2015 women entrepreneur award win that was hosted by TIE Islamabad and We Create Center Islamabad.

Her startup has won one international award “get slushed 2015” and has also been invited to Finland for 10 days “slush 2015 boot camp accelerator program” Also her startup was selected for ATX +Pak cohort2 2016 Program where they got the opportunity for 21 days training camp in Austin, atUSA.

She holds the honor to represent Pakistani women internationally. She went on to represent Pakistan in UNICEF conference”startup to scale up” where she raised issues related to children’s education in rural area She made Pakistani women proud in an international forum that Pakistani women is empowered and enable to deploy their services in IT industry in Pakistan.

Affordable.pk is Pakistan’s first fashion classified reverse commerce marketplace which allows the social community to buy and resell their fashion closet items online. This website is trying to promote social entrepreneurship and empowering the social community to make money online but is also an excellent means devised by Wajiha for the society.

Wajiha’s story is more than just motivational. It is a learning opportunity for those who believe in themselves. She started her first business right after her marriage using the gift money she and her husband received on their wedding. With a single computer and their bedroom as their first workshop, the newly wedded couple started their journey to chase their dream of business.

While we are on the topic of technology, let’s consider the Cornell and Harvard graduate Umaimah Mendhro as well. Coming from a small hometown, she represents an excellent example of entrepreneurship and talent for technological innovation. Her e-commerce platform brings together designers and manufacturers and allows their combined skills to produce personalized products for the customers.

In addition to her personal achievements, Umaimah never forgets to laud her fellow countrymen and women for their contributions to her project VIDA.

So today we will take inspiration from these women and celebrate the courage, passion, bravery and untiring hard work that they have put into their work. They have families and kids and still, they refuse to give into the pressures of having more work than most other members of the society. So let this day be a source of inspiration and motivation to us and let us believe that we have everything that it takes to get the world on our stride.

Happy Women’s Day!

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