Facebook fake accounts

To overcome the problem of fake accounts, the government of Pakistan has requested the popular social networking site Facebook to connect the process of opening an account with a mobile number.

Mobile phone numbers are biometrically verified in the country, thus the admin of any fake Facebook page can be identified by the authorities in case of any problem.

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Fake accounts are at the forefront in many cybercrime and harassment cases. Many people are being blackmailed or vexed on social networking sites and according to PTA, the verification of all existing and nFacebookook accounts will help to curb this menace.

Recently, Facebook’s vice president of public policy, Joel Kaplan met Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and reaffirmed company’s commitment to remove blasphemous content from their website.

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PTA has reviewed 6,000 complaints that have been received online and 350 of them were ultimately blocked as they contained blasphemous content. It has also blocked 12,977 URLs over the same issue.

Earlier this year, Interior Secretary Arif Khan revealed that Facebook has removed 85% of blasphemous material from the site. The company received around 1000 requests for data and information in 2016 from Pakistan where they compiled with 70% of them.


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