Pakistanis can soon ride Union Star 70cc automatic motorbike

The automobile industry in Pakistan is continuously on the rise as many international companies are rumored to set up production units in Pakistan in the next few years. With the introduction of some cheap Japanese cars, a part of the population is shifting from a 70cc motorbike or above, to these cars but the market share of bikes remains unshaken. A total of 0.9 million motorbike units were sold in the last nine months in Pakistan.

The motorbike industry has a lot of different companies offering a variety of products, but the semi-automatic or automatic bikes industry is one with a lot of space to fill in. The number of automatic bikes on the road are very less because automatic bikes are comparatively expensive to normal bikes since they offer more power.

A couple of months ago Superpower introduced an automatic, clutch-less scooter targeted at the female consumer base. The Pakistani community now realizes the importance of women empowerment as many Pakistani women have made a mark on the local and international scene during past years.

Anticipating this change Superpower introduced these scooters and now Union Star has introduced an automatic version of the famous 70cc motorbike.This 70cc bike may not get huge orders just yet but can be categorized as a pre-sale marketing tactic to attract masses towards the product and observe the demands and preferences of the consumers.

The bike gives total control to the user as it does not require the rider to operate the clutch and gears. Moreover, it does not need to be kick started but instead uses a switch-on button which can leave users in a tricky situation if the battery dries out since there is no way to start the motorbike other than the electric switch.

An area of concern for anyone planning on buying the automatic 70cc is the service of the bike if damaged. The local mechanics are well versed when it comes to repairing the likes of Honda CD 70, CD 125 or the Yamaha 125 but an automatic bike points the introduction of possible new tools or spare parts.

A definite price cannot be quoted at this moment, but the Union Star automatic 70cc is said to be priced at 45,000 Pakistani rupees once it is introduced.

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