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While we are rounding up the hottest happenings of 2017, we cannot forget the marvelous mobile application that Jazz launched this year in Pakistan called VEON.

The app first made its debut in the country in July and was officially launched for the public in October 2017. Just to give you a brief introduction, It is an internet platform present in the shape of a mobile application that provides not only free calls and messaging service but the user can share photos, videos, audio messages, even your location with others and much more.

The best thing about this application is that it can work with no credit or mobile data bundle on your smartphone as the user just needs a Jazz connection and 3G/4G enabled mobile device. You can check out the highlights of the launch event by clicking here.

VEON and Other Messaging Apps

VEON is the new child in the messaging apps industry and it still has a long way to go to convince the users to stay with them. To see whether the new app was able to give tough time to the old messaging apps, we compared a few popular apps on Google Trends. Let’s see the results below:

Comparison of Messaging apps
Comparison of Popular Messaging Apps in Pakistan

It is not really surprising to see that WhatsApp has dominated the field of messaging apps whereas Jazz’s new app managed to make its presence known with a few small spikes, which is more than what we can say for other apps like Viber, Telegram, and WeChat.


Let’s look at the mobile app alone in Google Trends:

VEON 2017
Search Interest of Pakistanis in VEON

As we can see above, the major spike can be seen in the month of October leading to the end of the year whereas a small activity can be observed in July when the app first made its way to Pakistan.

Following are the subregions which searched the app (Note: higher the Google Index number, higher the interest shown by people on the Internet)

SubregionsGoogle Index
Islamabad Capital Territory100
Azad Jammu and Kashmir46
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa37

Most of the popular related searches regarding the keyword on Google were:

  • VEON App
  • VEON Pakistan
  • VEON Download
  • VEON Black Friday

All of these searches were “Breakout,” meaning that the search term grew by more than 5000%

Most interestingly, we could also find “What is VEON?” among the related searches presented by Google, meaning that people have actively tried to search what is this new app; failure on the part of company’s marketing, Maybe! Let’s hope if it will see better days in 2018.


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