Pakistanis send more SMS than making voice calls

According to the latest statistics released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Pakistani mobile users send more text messages (aka SMS) than making voice calls. It is because sending an SMS is a quick and cheaper way of communication than the calls and of course there are so many bundle packages that make this mode of communication almost free.

PTA says that the number of minutes for the total outgoing voice calls has been increased to 393.5 bln during the last year, whereas in 2014, the total number of minutes for outgoing voice calls was 345.7 bln.

On average, a general subscriber talked on the phone for 261 minutes in 2015 as compared to 219 minutes in 2014. It’s a 19.2 percent increase.

A 30.3 percent increase has been observed in the usage of SMS services.  The total number of text messages shared in 2015 is 393 bln. In 2014, only 301.7 bln SMSs were shared. A subscriber generally sent 187 SMSs each month in 2015 as compared to 180 SMSs that were sent in 2014, says the report by PTA.

This significant increase is the result of voice bundles and SMS bundles offered by the different telecom operators in the country.

Most of the people are currently relying on 2G services because a large area of the country is still not covered by the next-generation mobile communication technologies (3G/4G LTE).

The report released by the PTA states that after the launch of BVS (Biometric Verification System) in Pakistan, a large number of mobile SIMs were blocked, due to which, telecom companies lost millions of subscribers. It took time for the cellular operators to regain their customers.

Educative marketing activities, thoroughly-researched packages, the best quality networks backed by affordable smart devices and useful application advancement will define the forthcoming cellular mobile services in Pakistan.

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