Pakistan’s real life heroes: Saqib Ali Kazmi on a journey to enlighten the country

Saqib Ali Kazmi watching school kid writing

Saqib Ali Kazmi is an inspiring young entrepreneur and social worker from Karachi. He is one of the unsung national heroes who felt the pain of his people and strived to help them with all available resources in his kitty. His untiring efforts led to the provision of clean drinking water to thousands of people in interior Sindh and his passion for the cause of education resulted in the establishment of the free educational institute in a remote village of Gharo, Sindh.

More News is presenting you a brief story of his national hero with praise and respect for this cause. On the eve of Independence Day Celebrations, we’ll continue to share some motivational stories to let the nation know about their real saviors.

Saqib started up his career in 2001 in AKD Securities, and later moved to KASB group and worked as a system administrator. After a good professional career, he started up his own venture in 2013.

Today, he is managing a leading fashion e-commerce venture (claimed to be Pakistan’s biggest fashion e-store with 5 brands presentation) and an information technology setup which offers IT products and services to businesses, particularly financial institutions. His company specializes in providing solutions related to financial institutions and services. They have developed a dispute resolution system that is helping all commercial banks resolve it.

When asked about his notable achievement, Saqib noted that being an entrepreneur; the ability to create the job for others is the biggest success. His venture employs over 50 people, which means 50 families. Moreover, “We have developed a dispute resolution system that is helping all commercial banks (Islamic & traditional) in managing conflicts. Earlier it used to take 22 days in resolution while and today the dispute is solved in 3 business days, which is an achievement,” described Saqib Ali Kazmi

He also claims to have introduced more than 50 international fashion brands in Pakistan, which were not officially available earlier.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

However, what made him a real hero is his social work. His project named as “Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari” went very famous and helped to create awareness about the social responsibilities of the individual. When asked about the inspiration for his social work, Saqib was of the view that “Most of us (youth) believe that it’s the sole responsibility of politicians and ruling elites to do something for the country, and tend to forget individual role. While my brought-up and surrounding has convinced me that we (the people) can bring about the real change.”

They started up with a small work at a local school which gave them inspiration to go ahead and launch something big.

Nazar Bhatti & Shahida Mehboob school run by Saqib and his team in Gharo

In this regards, they went for two key service areas; education & clean drinking water. After learning about shortage of clean drinking water in interior Sindh area, they identified few areas and offered the solution in the form of hand pumps. So far, Saqib (with help of his friends) has been able to install 320 hand pumps in different areas of interior Sindh, particularly Gharo and Thatta.

When asked about the financiers, Saqib stated; “we never ask people to donate us. In fact, you won’t find any donation request on our Facebook page. We just share our work and announce some project; interested people come over and donate without any call to action.” Suppose we declare that we are going to install a new hand pump at a particular location, donors contact us and donate the amount.


Monthly recurring expense on this school is more than PKR 50,000, which is met with the help of family and friends.

The young social worker saves  2 to 5 percent of his monthly income for his social projects.

Most of the donors have been friends, friends of friends and people in the referral or social network.

Other than clean drinking water, Saqib and team manage an educational venture in a village in Gharo in the Interior Sindh. They provide books, free education, uniform, and linguistic training. “Come over and speak to those kids, you’ll find them much better than their peers in government schools. They’ll speak English and talk to you in a much confident manner.” Saqib looked very proud of his venture.

Saqib credits his mother for his all achievements. “My father passed away when I was just a month old, and my mother (a school teacher herself) brought me up. She has been an inspiration for everything I achieved in life,” Saqib shared

Kids drinking water from a water pump installed by Saqib & friends

Things were not as simple as they seem on paper. Saqib and his friends faced numerous threats and resistance too. During some water installation project, he was beaten by an angry crowd of a leading politician of interior Sindh. “They did not want any outsider to do anything for their people, but I asked them, why you didn’t do it yourself? Why not took care of your people?,” Saqib questioned.

But gradually, he got some social support and people started telling him about the need for water plants, and solar panels.

They have literally adopted the whole village where they had their school. Over 140 kids get the free education while the community enjoys free electricity from solar panels provided by these guys.

Solar panel light in garho, Sindh
A view of solar panel light which Saqib and his team installed in Gharo

His message is simple. “We all love Pakistan, but we seldom do what we can do for the people around. If society (business people in particular) could do something for their surroundings, we can overcome lots of social and economic problems without any support of the government.”, added Saqib Ali Kazmi

Pakistan really needs more people like Saqib who understand their social responsibility and play their role in helping countrymen live a respectful life. Let’s come forward and strengthen such hands that are dedicated to nation’s social service.

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