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The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed a complete ban on airing of Indian content in Pakistan. The authority has directed all the local TV channels and radio stations to stop airing the Indian dramas, music, movies, or any other Indian content.

On the other hand, some cable operators in Pakistan also air Indian movies and songs by making their private video channels. They are also not allowed to air Indian content anymore.

PEMRA will take strict action against any media company that does not follow these new directions. Moreover, the licenses of TV and radio channels that continue to air Indian content after the deadline of 3 PM on October 21 will be canceled without any warning.

Earlier, the Pakistani content was banned in India by a lot of Indian channels. In response, PEMRA recommended a ban on Indian content in Pakistan.

A summary was sent to the federal government in which it was suggested that the airing of Indian channels and content should be subject to the permission of airing Pakistani content by the neighboring country.

PEMRA has canceled the one-sided rights, which were given to India during the period of Pervez Musharraf’s government.

Moreover, a crackdown against Indian direct-to-home (DTH) devices is also going on in the country. The Indian DTH devices were illegally being sold in Pakistan without any permission from the authority.

Although PEMRA has banned the Indian content in Pakistan, it is not hard for those who have the Internet facility and can’t live without the TV dramas of Star Plus, Colors, etc. to go to the video-sharing websites like YouTube and DailyMotion to watch their favorite Indian TV dramas.

What does the ban on Indian content mean for Pakistani media industry?

There is an immense talent in the Pakistani entertainment industry, but many radio channels mostly air Indian music. With this new move, the people will now be able to enjoy the voices of Pakistani singers. Furthermore, the viewership of Pakistani TV dramas will also be increased.

Other than this, with this new ban, the employment opportunities will also be generated in the Pakistani film industry while the economic conditions of our country will also be improved.

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