PEMRA bans Zong’s TVC over objectionable content

We warned you guys before that a fatwa is in the making and finally, we have it, folks! PEMRA has banned the Zong’s Boom Boom TVC.

Previously, objections were raised by the regulatory authority which deemed that Zong’s ad was beyond Pakistan’s cultural limits, and is shot in a manner that’s not within our acceptable local norms.

Last time the telecom company was asked to amend their TV ad, as the regulatory authority was receiving a lot of complaints. They also asked Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) to stop airing Zong’s TVC until the company amends it but apparently no one listened.

PEMRA Zong Ban
Image Source: PEMRA’s Twitter

Last month PEMRA showed concern over the TVCs of both OPPO and Zong, which according to the authority didn’t adhere to the cultural standards. In Zong’s ad, a guy is shown getting hit by cricket ball between the legs, which has sounded alarms in the electronic media world.

At one side we are seeing far too distorted stuff on our regular TV screens at the prime time slot but the regulatory body is okay with that.

The selective justice of PEMRA has since applied to Udaari, a show about a social issue, a political satire show (that hurts the feelings of politicians apparently) and a TV show anchor who’s looking to get some answers (because in democracy a person can ask questions from Pak Army), among many others.

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