Power for PEMRA Chairman to take action against violators

PEMRA delegates power to its Chairman

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has assigned the power to its Chairman for taking action against the media companies that do not follow the rules that come under Section 30 (3) of the PEMRA Ordinance.

After this decision, the chairman of PEMRA has the authority to revoke or suspend the licence of any TV channel without issuing any show-cause notice or giving the chance of hearing under the Section 30(3) Ordinance.

Recently, Chairman Absar Alam said that  after the deadline of 15th October 2016, the authority will start cancelling the licences of television channels that air Indian content more than the allocated quota of 6% per day, and this quota also includes the repeat telecasts.

He was speaking at a debate on ‘Foreign Entertainment Content on Pakistani TV Channels’ arranged by the United Producers Association (UPA) in a local hotel.

He also declared a complete ban on Urdu dubbed content being aired by the foreign channels having landing rights. Only Urdu subtitles will be allowed, he said.

Speaking at the event, Chairman UPA Satish Anand said that it is in the interest of Pakistani drama producers that the rules of PEMRA regarding the airing of foreign content allowing 10% foreign content per day including 6% Indian and 4% other languages will be implemented in letter and spirit.

He encouraged the chairman PEMRA for identifying the UPA as a legitimate stakeholder in the Pakistani media industry. He hoped that in future PEMRA will involve UPA in the decision-making process about the future of media industry of Pakistan as it does with other stakeholders.

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The UPA founding Chairman Rashid Khawaja, Vice Chairman Sardar, Secretary General Syed Mubashir Imam and the members including Ayub Khosa, Hassan Naeem, Zeeshan Khan, Raza Ali, Muhammad Khalid Ali, Zulfiqar Ali, Imran Islam and Munazza Arif were also present at the event.

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