Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed fine on a private TV channel, this time, for airing the unfounded and baseless allegations against Executive Director of Lok Virsa, Dr. Fouzia Saeed. The Council of Complaints of PEMRA has issued a notice to the channel and asked it to apologize for airing the said content.

PEMRA has directed the TV channel to deposit the fine amount within one week. If the channel fails to follow the directions, its license will be canceled as per the policies of PEMRA. Moreover, the authority also warned the TV channel not to air such content again in the future.

According to the details, PEMRA has imposed a fine of Rs. 200,000 on a private TV channel after a complaint was filed by the Executive Director of Lok Virsa against that channel for airing the baseless allegations against the Lok Virsa head in the program called “Be Naqab”.

The complainant further stated that the reporting is in violation of the basic journalistic ethics and rights and the clear violation of Clause-8 of the Code of Conduct for Electronic Media 2015, Nation reported.

Earlier, PEMRA took notice of the complaints filed by the general public and the President of Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan against two private TV channels (NEO TV and 92 News HD) for airing some content against the religious minority.

Back in May, PEMRA imposed a fine of Rs. 500,000/- to a private news channel for irresponsible and unverified reporting after a complaint was launched by Mr. Asim Hussain through his legal advisor Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan, Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.