dth in pakistan

Pakistan Electronic Media and Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has decided to introduce local Direct to Home (DTH) boxes in order to facilitate the citizens and provide them with an Indian DTH boxes alternative.

The plan disclosed in an apex court hearing where judges are proceeding a case regarding the sales of Indian DTH boxes in the country. Answering the request made by the additional attorney general for tax exemption on local DTH boxes, Justice Ijazul Ahsan said that it’s not their job to exempt or enforce a tax, it falls under Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) portfolio.

The court also suggested PEMRA launch DTH boxes at an affordable and competitive price against the Indian ones.

Earlier, the court banned the sales of smuggled Indian DTH boxes and directed the authorities to confiscate the devices and submit the report. The court was informed with the number of raids and arrest made by the FIA and special committee formulated by the apex court.

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