Content against Religious Minority

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has recently taken notice of the complaints filed by the general public and the President of Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan against two private TV channels for airing some content against the religious minority.

According to the complaint, NEO TV and M/s Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt.) Ltd (92 News HD) aired two separate programs which were aimed to target a religious minority whose members have already been threatened, harassed and targeted for their religious beliefs. The complaints have been forwarded to the Pemra’s Council of Complaints, Lahore, for further action.

The provocative content was aired in NEO TV’s talk show Harf-e-Raz and 92 News’ Islamic program Subha-e-Noor. The complainants have stated that this kind of programs are useless and provide no information, and the people of Pakistan are not interested in watching them. They mentioned that such programs encourage violence against minorities which is against the laws of PEMRA and the National Action Plan.

As per the laws of the PEMRA, hearing opportunities to both the channels and the complainants’ will be provided before a decision is recommended.

Earlier, PEMRA imposed a fine of Rs. 500,000 to 92 News HD for irresponsible and unverified reporting. A complaint was launched by Mr. Asim Hussain through his legal advisor Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan, Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Back in April, the Council of Complaints for the PEMRA ordered the cable operators to cease the airing of vulgar advertisements on different television channels. According to the authority, the indecent ads are against the standards of Pakistani media.


  1. PEMRA’s decision will arguably set the tone for the future of hate speech in Pakistan. Let’s hope it goes in the right direction this time.
    When they took action against 92 News HD for irresponsible and unverified reporting and fined them for Rs. 500000, the cost of irresponsible reporting was set at Rs 500000. Now, if PEMRA puts a similar amount for the hate speech like 500000 then they will just give an easy way to trouble makers to create trouble inside Pakistan. This penalty has to be much bigger than just a few hundred thousand rupees if PEMRA is sincere with establishing peace and harmony among the already polarized population of Pakistan.
    Otherwise, the foreign enemies will get an easy way to create unrest inside Pakistan. All they will need would be a few hundred thousand rupees to create an unrest for a few weeks.


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