PEMRA to issue a Fatwa; ZONG and OPPO TVCs objectionable

PEMRA, the protector of our emotions and sentiments is concerned over the TVCs of OPPO and Zong, because of selected decency protocols.2 min

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PEMRA, the watchdog of user sentiments, has shown concerns over the indecency shown in the TVCs of OPPO and Zong, which means there is a fatwa aka a NOTICE in the future.

No one can be away from the ever watchful eye of PEMRA, whether you’re a journalist asking the tough questions (Arshad Sharif on ARY’s Powerplay) or want to make people laugh with political satire and adding a bit of humor in our lives.

According to ProPakistani, the TV ads by Zong and OPPO are said to be beyond Pakistan’s cultural limits, and they are shot in a manner that’s not within our acceptable local norms. Said by the same regulatory authority which once declared that HUM TV’s serial Udaari portrays unethical scenes which according to psychiatrists can create sinful sentiments and emotions among the masses.

But hold on, before we start bashing PEMRA for its selective standards, let us address the concerns of the regulatory authority. First up is Zong, the telecom company in its TVC committed a crime of thinking that what we are okay with a bit of humor in our lives meaning a guy shown getting hit by cricket ball between the legs will not get people screaming “Astaghfirullah.” But little did they know that we are hypocrites to our core.

Of course, we can see the dance numbers on a big screen and were relieved when Indian movies were allowed in Pakistan again, but OUR TELECOM COMPANY DISPLAYING SUCH ACTS SHOULD BE PUNISHED.

Now comes the turn of OPPO, the Chinese smartphone brand which has got the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Qmobile worried in the Pakistani market has seen indecency in its new TV commercial. Originally an Indian commercial, the “Selfie First” TV advertisement was edited to make it presentable to the Pakistani market but the clothing of women got the people like “Whaaaat?”

The regulatory authority has received countless complaints (though I doubt they were countless) about the obscene ads which PEMRA also finds objectionable. The most puzzling thing about this piece of information is that; how do they decide if something is indecent or unacceptable for broadcasting purposes?

PEMRA apparently is fine with the same kind of dresses displayed in fashion shows on TV and has clearly never seen bridal couture week, and the award shows with dances and Hollywood style dresses. We all have seen the dances on various award shows of Pakistani media but a girl dancing in an advertisement (which didn’t ask people to buy biscuits), totally objectionable.

Now, I’m not hating on the media, the shows or clothes but simply pointing out the fact that PEMRA needs to set proper guidelines for what is supposed to be decent and what not. Now Pakistan is already filled with intolerant hypocrites, no need to add fuel to the fire. As to all the “users” making countless complaints; try changing the channel or better yet abandoning TV altogether.

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