Although there are millions of smartphone apps and games available on the Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store, BlackBerry’s App World, and Windows Store; the new study shows that people spend most of their time on just 5 mobile apps. Though the number of apps installed on mobile phones is quite a high usage pattern indicates that most of the apps remain idle.

According to a survey done by the Forrester Research – an American market research company; people install hundreds of apps in their smartphones but never use them. They spend 80 percent of their time on just five most used apps, i.e., Facebook, YouTube, Maps, Pandora, and Gmail.

Some people use more than 24 apps per month, but they primarily spend their time on the above mentioned five apps. The smartphone owners in the US spend 10 percent time on Facebook, 7 percent on YouTube, 5 percent on Maps, 3 percent time on Pandora, and 3 percent time on Gmail.

Most Used Apps by Percentage
Top five most used apps on smartphones by percentage.

According to the analysts, the smartphone users are more attracted to the messaging apps than the other apps. It’s a threat to the app developers because the researchers are saying there is a danger that people will end up using only chatting and messaging services.

94% of the revenue for all the app markets come from the most used apps

Moreover, 94 percent of the income for all the app markets come from only the top 1 percent of the most used apps. The top publishers of the popular apps include Google, Facebook, Electronic Arts, King, and Snapchat.

Earlier, a similar survey was done by the SurveyMonkey. The study revealed that Facebook remained the most used app in the first six months of 2016. The app has crossed 136.3 million monthly active users, followed by YouTube with 134.8 million monthly active users.

It is quite amazing at the same time interesting that the people are not taking any interest in the games, web browsing apps or productivity apps, but, the messaging, video calling and social networking apps are attracting them. On the other hand, it is also a significant threat to the app developers.