Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will be introducing a unique Bicycle sharing facility for the commuters, incorporated in the mass transit system upon completion.

TransPeshawar – the company behind BRT’s management asserted that the unique feature will distinguish it from other BRT systems in the country while providing the public with a cheap and healthier alternative to commute.

The company is constructing a dedicated bicycle-lane, along with the whole 28 km corridor, and has initial plans to purchase 360 contemporary bikes for the purpose.

To make the process convenient, Peshawar BRT will be providing an NFC enabled card to pay for the bus and bicycle services simultaneously while the users will also have an option to rent bicycles using a mobile app.

TransPeshawar is going to get modern design bicycles for the users as the company said in a statement, the bicycles will have peculiarities like;

  • Adjustable seat posts
  • Automatic LED Light and Reflectors
  • GPS sensors
  • Special safety measures to enclose most of the components

It is also reported that the bicycles will not be having traditional metal chains and sprocket sets but the fiber rope and pulley system to ensure the maximum safety and durability.

Bicycle using fiber strings instead of a metal chain

To encourage good behavior, the company has decided to track the individual usage and complementing it with a reward system. Three trucks will also be stationed throughout the scheme to reshuffle the cycles according to the demand of every station.

Although Peshawar BRT is going to be the first of its kind system in Pakistan having incorporated bicycles, many countries are successfully using bicycles for daily commuting and have dedicated lanes for the purpose such as China and Holland.

This initiative will not only ensure a less polluted environment but also provide the users with cardio exercise, necessary for a healthier life as most of the working professionals find no time to exercise due to the hectic and busy routine.