Research Students at the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, have done a remarkable job as they succeeded in developing a system to diminish electricity theft and line losses.

The state of the art system is developed at Centre of Intelligent Systems and Network Research (CISNR) based at Peshawar UET while the funding has been provided by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication.

“ElectroCure” is a meterless transformation which has been successfully implemented in Peshawar and Rawalpindi cantonment areas where line losses are noted to be reduced by 35%.

Dr. Gul Mohammad, director CISNR, is the man behind the revolutionary idea and the whole researchers’ team worked under his guidance. Although he holds the Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the University of York, the power outages and energy shortfall in the country urged him to guide students to create ElectroCure.

Prototype of ElectroCure

The prototype was developed in 2014, and the CISNR presented it to Wapda, however, they got refused as the system cost was around Rs. 750 billion. Now, the system implementation cost in the whole country is brought down to Rs. 125 billion due to the hard work of the Dr. Gul and his students.

A Chinese company is already interested in investing in the program, the only hurdle is that there is no law regarding public-private partnership in power distribution. PTI government has proposed the amendments in the law to cater to the reforms in the power sector.

“Amounts redeemed from power thefts and power losses would pay the Chinese investment within two years period,” said Dr. Gul.

After the inception of the system, there will be no need for power stabilizers as the system itself will ensure the proper voltage while providing transformer level control to the power utility companies.

“Line-men will be able to handle the whole system through their smartphones”, explained Dr. Gul.

We hope that this system sees the glory, the researchers’ have aimed for. It will not only solve the energy crisis of the country but will also help Wapda to recover the financial losses.