Petition to declare Pakistan terrorism sponsor closed down

Petition to Declare Pakistan

White House has closed down an online petition that asked to declare Pakistan, a state sponsor of terrorism.

A website named “we the people” had started this online petition. The site allows the people to create an appeal or request on any matter and then send it to White House. The White House is bound by the compulsion to respond the petition within 60 days of its initiation if at least one hundred thousand people sign and endorse the petition. It is not necessary to be a citizen of America for filing or signing such petition.

The online appeal that demands to declare Pakistan a terrorist state received Six hundred thousand, proponents within few days. There is no way to confirm whether all the proponents are original or fake, perhaps, this could be one reason that resulted in closing down of such petition.

Earlier, two lawmakers in America had also presented a bill that asked to declare Pakistan a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

A representative from America’s foreign ministry commented on the issue by saying that declaring any country to be a sponsor of terrorism is the very complicated as it involves a legal process. As far as the case of Pakistan is concerned, it is not possible to declare it a terrorist state as the country has remained a victim of terrorism and is making efforts to fight back with the help of American Aid.

We the People saw an addition of another petition (supposedly a counter attack) on September 27, 2016, that asked for declaring India a terrorist state due to the country’s offense and human rights violation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This petition has received 85,000 proponents up till now. The context of these online appeals on “We the People,” is the present India-Pakistan conflict stimulated after the attack on army base in Uri, Kashmir.

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