Petrol Pumps and CNG stations will now be monitored by computerised system

Petrol Pumps monitoring app

A digital system has been introduced to monitor the CNG stations and petrol pumps in the Lahore city. According to City42 news, there are more than 350 petrol pumps and more than 250 CNG stations in the entire city. During the past six months, complaints were launched by the citizens that the petrol pumps and the CNG stations are selling less fuel at more price.

Now, it has been decided to monitor the CNG and petrol pumps via the online monitoring system.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Industries and Productions in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has created a new software.

Four teams of the officials have been created. They are provided with the Android-powered smartphones. A username and a password is also provided to each of the officials so that they can access this smartphone application.

Photos of equipment used by Petrol Pumps will be uploaded in the software

It will be the responsibility of these officials to check the equipment used by the CNG stations and the petrol stations. They will also capture the photos of this equipment and upload them into this software. The mobile phone number and the other information of the owner of the CNG or Petrol station will also be registered in this software.

If a challan is issued to any CNG or petrol station, the information of the challan will also be recorded in this online system. The amount of the fine will be added in this smartphone application.

A citizen Feedback System has also been initiated. The senior officials of the Ministry of Industries and Productions will call the mobile numbers and ask if any official has accepted the bribe while monitoring the CNG/Petrol pump.

This online system has been started for all of the CNG and petrol pumps in the city.

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