Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has seized 56 sweets production units in the province. The development came when the authority was checking the sanitary conditions of production units of different confectionary sweets makers across Punjab.

Moreover, PFA has issued warnings and fined massive amounts to 263 confectioners. The authority also filed legal cases against two confectioners bakers owners. The confectioners were involved in extremely unhygienic methods of preparing sweets.

According to the DG Food Authority, the action has been taken against those confectioners who were using textile colors, expired artificial flavors and chemicals in the preparation of sweets. Furthermore, the notices are issued to those who were not maintaining proper SOPs’ related to hygiene. PFA witnessed dirty freezers, stagnant water in the kitchens, rusty pots, used oil in the blue drums and insects in the sweet production units.

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Punjab Food Authority is active and on a campaign against the food companies, hotels and production units who are selling unhealthy food items. Earlier PFA banned major ice cream producers in the province and also took action against ice factories involved in freezing milk.

The authority has completed its online database of food operators in Lahore and other cities across the province. The online database will help PFA to systemize their efforts and minimize the manual checking. With the inception of the online database, PFA will issue food licenses through the system, and it will make sure that no human is involved in issuing and canceling any permit. The step is commendable as it will curb corruption and human errors.