Pakistanis design phone battery powered fans to beat loadshedding

For battling against the load shedding, Pakistanis have developed small fans that are powered by phone batteries. There is a great demand for these fans in the market.

The promises of making the city load-shedding-free are just broken. Keeping this situation in view, public have found a way to save themselves from the warmth of the summer.

As per details, the citizens of Lahore annoyed by the hot weather and load shedding will be able to get rid of sweat and warmth by installing mini fans on their mobile phones. They can now enjoy their long calls, internet surfing and selfies even when there is an unannounced power cut.

The shopkeepers say that this fan, which costs just Rs. 120, is in high demand. The best thing about these fans is that you can take them anywhere by keeping inside your pocket, which means you can use them while traveling.

We still have not received the details of battery consumption of these fans but it will be updated soon. It is also to mention that these fans are very small and thus not capable of blowing a large amount of air. We remember the hat with the built-in fan, which was launched a few years ago. These hats were also not competent to cool down your entire body.

How to use these phone battery powered fans?

It is very easy to use those little phone battery powered fans. Just purchase one, and install it on your smartphone. You will have to attach the fan to the socket where you plug in the charger of your mobile device. The fan gets the power from the battery of your phone.

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