PIA manipulated the Senate Committee over company’s losses

PIA Scandal

Are we to believe anything that comes out of a government official’s mouth? A rising problem in Pakistan, be it politics, government or civil offices, there is always a whole truth that is hidden from the general public. This time this truth is revealed by Tabassum A. Qadir, Director Customer Services PIA who resigned claiming that the management manipulated a Senate committee about the company’s losses.

On Wednesday, the management of PIA briefed the Senate committee on the current financial situation of the national flag carrier. It revealed that airline has accumulated liabilities of over PKR 300 billion and is incurring PKR 5.64bn losses every month. Dawn news has reported that Ms. Qadir offered her resignation to PIA chief Bernd Hildenbrand via email on Thursday claiming that the airline had presented the manipulated figures to the committee.

In her resignation, Ms. Qadir has rendered the PIA service as a politically influenced institution which cannot sustain for long due to its negative financial impact. She also expressed that the airline is going into the wrong direction pertaining to its policies and strategies relating to the operations.

Furthermore, Ms. Qadir has described the organization’s environment as toxic and described that her motives were not material or monetary ones as she was already was earning more than Rs.1 million every month.

Ms. Qadir, who was earning more than Rs1 million every month, said she was not in the PIA for any material or monetary gains and will resign effectively from Feb 2017. In a country where lying to the nation in National Assembly is termed as a political move, there is far less hope of honesty from any institution government or civil.

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