PIA Scandal

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has launched a new passenger service system disposing of the previous one.

This new software has been purchased from a Turkish company known as ‘HITIT’- airlines IT solution provider, while it’s going to be implemented from today at all the national airports and PIA Headquarters.

According to the PIA management, the software is brought home after following all the SOPs’ including a fair bidding process. The airline has entered into a partnership with HITIT, where the company will be responsible for the upgrades and major maintenances.

Earlier, PIA had been using SABRE software for two decades, the software had some major issues like there were no audit tracks after a couple of days activity. Some of the operators were abusing it and the administration was unable to do anything.

The software system conversion will initiate and reform;

  • New Core Reservation System
  • Departure Control System
  • Frequent Flyer Program
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Mobile Apps
  • Revenue Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Revenue Integrity
  • Disruption Management

The media reports say that the new Passenger service system is cost-effective, as the national airline has acquired it at half the price of SABRE, an American company’s software. How this new software performs? The answer lies in the future but it looks like its a good step keeping in mind the bugs and errors PIA was prone to due to the previous system.

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