PIA with their new slogan; Come DIE With Us

PIA plane crashes

PIA, our national flag carrier’s another plane crashed yesterday killing all passengers on board including a famous figure Junaid Jamshaid. The plane en route to Islamabad met an untimely fate as ATR-42 aircraft crashed near the town of Havelian, in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

Once a great airline globally is now in the business of playing with people’s lives, as the last thing a PIA aircraft can be known for is its security. The corrupt institution over the past decades has dedicated themselves to create loads of money for their coming generations but has taken away the loved ones of hundreds of families. With bad service, delay flights and taking lives PIA should really re-think their marketing strategy and boldly announce themselves as a real life simulation of what happens in hell.

Muhammad Azam Saigol in his press conference said that the aircraft had undergone regular maintenance and had in October passed an “A-check” certification, conducted after every 500 hours of flight operations. He also further added:

“I think that there was no technical error or human error …obviously there will be a proper investigation.”

What chairman Saigol failed to realise is that planes aren’t supposed to crash so the only two logical scenarios that he cannot comprehend are that either it was “Technical Error” or a human one, there really is no third option. Also, I believe it’s hard for the aviation authorities to contemplate the fact that there could be technical error after ATR reported a problem with an engine and crashed into a hill near Havelian, Abbottabad.

The technical errors of PIA aircraft are not a tradition but a ritual that the institution follows religiously. Anyone who travels with the national flag carrier can recall a dozen of instances where the flight was delayed hours or whole day because of the unresolved technical issues. Also, the cases of these errors are on the rise and following are the previous technical incidents in the last decade that the airline faced:

Flight number: PK-451

August 8, 2016, the flight was delayed due to technical issues and after departure from Islamabad for Skardu opted to return to Islamabad because cockpit crew observed some problem with aircraft’s hydraulic system and veered off the runway during the landing roll and came to rest on the grassy surface but there were no casualties.

Flight Number: PK-213

October 2013 PIA Airbus A310-308 engine two caught fire after takeoff from Jinnah International Air Port (JIAP), Karachi. It was operating flight PK-213 to Dubai with 54 passengers and eight crew members. The aircraft returned safely to Karachi Airport. The aircraft was grounded.

Flight Number: PK-259

February 11, 2013, the flight’s port side main landing gear collapsed during landing at Muscat Airport. It was travelling from Islamabad to Muscat via Sialkot. The aircraft suffered damage to its port side main landing gear, engine number 1 and wing. All passengers and crew members aboard the aircraft remained safe in this incident

Flight Number: PK-653

August 31, 2012, he twin-engine turboprop airliner was given clearance to land.  The aircraft made an undershot landing. It touched down on runway overrun area, struck part of runway’s aircraft arresting barrier system and came to rest on the grassy area on the right side of Runway 36R. All 42 passengers and four crew members aboard the aircraft remained safe.

Flight Number: PK-688

May 30, 2009, PIA ATR 42-500 during landing at Lahore Airport skidded off the runway and came to rest on the unpaved surface. All 43 passengers and four crew members aboard the aircraft remained safe. The carrier was travelling from Multan to Lahore.

Flight Number: PK-688

PK-688 was travelling from Multan to Lahore but during take-off roll, aircraft’s engine number 2 crossed Turbine Gas Temperature (TGT) limit and caught fire. The twin-engine Fokker F27 crashed in an empty wheat field surrounded by mango orchard tree struck.The aircraft crashed into high voltage electricity wires, broke into pieces due to the force of impact with the ground and immediately caught fire killing everyone trapped inside the wreckage.

Recently PIA inducted a new batch of flight attendants but given the accident rates they should maybe pack their bags and let someone else take charge. Politics and corruption have taken charge of this institution where PIA lags behind in paying dues, providing quality service and keeping the aircraft in a position to fly them in the air.

The German CEO of PIA Bernd Hildenbrand was nowhere to be found to comment on the recent accident, and with Rs0.8 million salary he receives, he didn’t bother to relay any message over the air crash. The CAA is supposedly going to investigate the issue, but like every other issue involving the lives of common man, the reports will never see the light of day.

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