PIA mining cryptocurrency

The official website of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is mining cryptocurrency through the computers of the people who are visiting the website, reports ProPakistani. The website is apparently hosting crypto-mining script on its server taking advantage of the people who are unsuspectedly visiting PIA’s web portal.

Reportedly, “bootstrap.js” file is hiding within the JavaScript directory of the airline’s web portal which is designed for the purposes of mining Monero, a cryptocurrency.

The two cybersecurity enthusiasts who tipped the media outlet about crypto-mining were also able to extract the Coinhive user ID and of the said miner. The software is mostly used to use the processing of a user’s computer to mine open-source cryptocurrency Monero. Apparently, the files have been modified and are now inaccessible on the national airline’s website.

The cyber attacks for crypto-mining have been increasing for quite some time. Recently, more than 5000 websites including that of the UK, US and Australian’s came under attack when the same software was injected into the BrowseAloud, a popular plugin that helps blind and partially-sighted people to access the internet.

It is still quite unsettling that how come there are no security mechanisms in place to save PIA’s website from such ordeal or no checks have been put in place to avoid such a huge cyber catastrophe.


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