Pick the best colours for your walls with Dulux Visualizer app

Dulux Visualizer app for chosing colors

Colour is the number one decision factor when people choose to paint. Selecting the right colour can be an exciting yet overwhelming challenge. That is why the paint brand Dulux has launched an app to make the process of choosing the colours easy and fun. Dulux Visualizer app is an easy-to-use app for finding the perfect colours to make your living space more inspiring, and make the process more social at the same time.

Dulux Visualizer app uses innovative technology to help consumers see, share and paint in their chosen colours in real time.

Features of Dulux Visualizer:

The users can capture a video of their walls and experiment with hundreds of different colours. If they see a colour somewhere that inspires them, they can use the ingenious Colour Picker technology to match and try it out instantly.

Dulux Visualizer app for chosing colors

Once they have found the colour they love consumers can buy their paint or find a store via the store locator function. Finally, they can share it with friends and family on social media to get a second opinion, directly through the Visualizer.

The app uses cutting-edge technology (augmented reality and video visualisation) to show colours in a room in real time. It was first launched in May 2014 and has been downloaded over 10 million times. Some people are complaining that this app fails to initiate the camera. However, this bug has been fixed in the latest version, which is now available in the app stores.

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Research shows that 30 percent of consumers struggle to visualise what a colour will look like in their home, and 39 percent discuss colour schemes with friends and family before making a purchase. The new features in the Visualizer build on these trends.

Dulux Visualizer PK app is available on Android and iOS.

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