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A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between “Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC)” and “Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)” was signed by the Chairman PITB Dr. Umar Saif and Mr. Bilal Mustafa Syed Managing Director LWMC here today for e-Filing and Office Automation System.

e-Filing and Office Automation System is a complete system suite covering each aspect of government office management aimed to make the Government offices paperless ultimately resulting in transparent, efficient and effective management.

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) developed this system suite in-house and its implementation in Lahore Waste Management Company is one of its key department targeted for digitization.

PITB developed this system suite keeping in view that a bare minimum cost shall be incurred to cater to the digitalization appetite of Punjab Government Departments. e-Filing being a robust and complete solution will incur an operational cost (OPEX) of PKR 2 Million per year for LWMC.

A designated team of IT experts from Punjab Information Technology Board started deployment at LWMC for implementation of e-Filing and Office Automation System during April 2017.

At the initial stage, a technical team of Punjab Information Technology Board created a custom built interface for LWMC after a detailed study of department and Government office working ethics.

Upon completion of the development phase, the technical team studied the network policy protocols which needs to be established and implemented at LWMC for smooth operations of this system.

Further, reporting hierarchies were embedded over the system and training of LWMC employees was initiated by mid of April 2017. During the sessions at LWMC, more than 130 employees were given hands-on training and the pilot launch of e-Filing and Office Automation System was initiated on 4th May 2017 and System was go live on 1st June 2017.

The architecture of this system is defined in such a way that each noting, approval, office order, notification etc. generates an individual audit trial from the time it is made part of the system.

The digital versions of the documents are stored at the cloud storage and it immediately gets archived for future use and references. e-Filing and Office Automation System is backed up with Primary and disaster recovery sites which are configured with high availability to ensure 24/7 service availability with no data loss.

e-Filing & Office Automation System will increase transparency and security of internal and external correspondences related to all matters of Lahore Waste Management Company.

This system will play a vital role in increasing transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of the Department by improving accessibility to information across the globe. Further such kind of implementations in government departments would help in reducing the operational cost to the government.

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