PITB introduces new software, digitizing the annual Budget preparation

Smart Development Projects software PITB

In a bid to provide a smart system that can help with the oncoming budget, PITB in collaboration with Planning and Development Department Punjab has introduced Smart Development Projects Software.

The software will help revolutionize the current system as all the provincial departments will be able to send their development plans to the Punjab’s Planning and Development Department.

The Smart Development Projects Software aims to digitize the budget system. The projects can be reviewed online, giving every department an equal chance to voice their opinions and plans for the budget of FY 2017-18. Through this software, the government can make sure that every department get a representation in the coming budget.

PITB through its various projects has instilled technology into various sections of governance. Previously it introduced its mobile application named Punjab FixIt, where public representatives didn’t have to visit various government offices to lodge a complaint. Using this app, they can relay and alert the relevant departments about the public and civic problems of their jurisdiction.

Among various other efforts to regulate e-governance, PITB also introduced judicial e-stamp papers across Punjab. Using this system, the non-judicial stamp papers worth PKR 1000 or more and the judicial stamp papers of any price can be acquired in fifteen minutes instead of three days.

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