The digital world, with all its charms and funny cat videos, is also filled with people who just want to rip you off by stealing your personal information. PKNIC, the .pk domain name registry in Pakistan has issued a security warning to all of its users today to put them on alert about fake emails carrying harmful malware/virus attachments.

PKNIC security warning


As you can see in the image above, PKNIC warns that email accounts like or may try to send attachments to the users which may prove to be a security risk.

What is interesting about these fake emails is the fact that their domain is the same as that of the original domain registry organization in Pakistan i.e. The email scam can be pretty convincing because of the email address and thus can trick anyone into downloading or opening any attachment.

The organization has thus made it clear to its users that it never sends any attachments unless they have had prior arrangements.

In 2013, PKNIC was hacked twice where a group of hackers defaced several websites carrying .pk domain, including those of Pakistan’s famous newspapers.

Last year, FBR also had to issue a warning when Pakistani taxpayers started receiving emails that ended up infecting their computers.