Place Google Chirp anywhere in house and search web by just speaking

Google Chirp AI

Soon you will be able to Google anything without any smartphone or computer. Google is reportedly working on a new device which you will be able to place anywhere in your house and search the internet by just talking. The new smart home device is called Google Chirp.

The device will be based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will wake you up in the morning, tell you the current weather, read the latest stories for you and play your bedtime playlist. Google Chirp is a unique gadget that everybody will love to install in their home.

The device will be activated once you say “Okay Google”, you will then be able to speak your query. The device will search the internet and speak the results for you. Like, while doing the chores, you can say, “Please tell me the match scores of Pak vs. India,” and the device will instantly speak the scores.

Other than searching the web, the device will also help you in doing the other routinely tasks such as turning off the lights, switching the ceiling fan on and off, setting the room temperature etc.

Google Chirp is coming to compete with Amazon’s Echo

Google is designing this device to compete with a similar product by Amazon that was launched last year and made a massive record of selling. Amazon’s Echo is an AI-based device which you can place anywhere in your house and search the web.

Google Chirp will not feature any kind of display screen. It will come with just a microphone, a speaker, and a WiFi option. The device will use WiFi to connect to the internet, it will answer your queries via the speaker.

Artificial Intelligence is a very helpful technology and it is getting popular rapidly. But the question is, in the future, if everything becomes automated, what will humans do? Every task will be completed by the electronic system, human beings will become lazier than they are today.

We can say that the technologies like Google Chirp are great for the persons with the disabilities, who cannot do the tasks themselves. You may disagree, but at least I don’t think that a normal person needs this kind of devices when he can do the tasks himself. The AI technology is appreciable, but, on the other hand, it is just making us lazy.

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