Plan9 looking for good Ed-Tech Startups through Tech Knowledge Campaign

Plan9 to identify Ed-Tech Startups

Plan9 is taking an active role in the Ed-Tech domain. Through the induction of innovation in the educational infrastructure, Plan9 hopes for a more permanent and substantial effect on the industry. To undertake this vocation, the technology incubator has launched their new campaign Tech-Knowledge.

The campaign is two-pronged – Tech-Knowledge Startups and Tech-Knowledge Hunters. The Tech-Knowledge Startup campaign is focusing on identifying and recruiting Ed Tech Startups.

The Tech-Knowledge Hunter Programme is the ambassador drive which involves representatives from educational institutions representing Plan9 through the course of the campaign and aiding them in their “Hunt” for Ed Tech Startups.

Ed-Tech Startups

Plan9’s primary goal is to reach through and provide a suitable working space to aspiring and possible technopreneurs who can tap into this domain and startups struggling to get their idea across and also to increase overall awareness that is lacking in this category.

The aim is to fulfill the 3-part mission set by ILM Ideas 2 by:

  • Tapping into opportunities provided by Plan9’s extensive Network Partnership Programme
  • Creating and sustaining an active Ambassador base that would increase not only the reach but also create noise that would get people to take notice
  • Scouting for Ed Tech Startups through the available network of startups in Plan9’s circle

The campaign was launched on the 25th of August based on the Rustic West theme. In the launch campaign, there were alumni Ed Tech Startups sharing their journeys as well as giving the audience a taste of the underlying culture in the Ed-Tech domain.

Ed-Tech Startups

To recruit Hunters, the technology incubator is carrying out Network Partnership visits where the Partner Universities provides access to the best of the student body that they have. The “Road-Trip” includes educational institutions from Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. They have started their visits in Lahore, and the next stop over is Islamabad in the coming weeks.

To recruit startups by visiting universities, they would be carrying out Hack-a-thons which would involve real life simulations for the student body. They would be given a real life Ed-Tech related issue, and they have to come up with a solution. This interactive activity would add practicality to the simulation. Plan9 has already had an introductory session with the Ed Tech Startups in their network, and social media campaign is already underway which has garnered positive feedback.

The incubator hopes to have a good number of Ed Tech Startups on their network before they start filtering them leading to the final incubation in early October. With the support and backing of ILM Ideas 2, they hope to create a massive and sustainable impact on the Ed Tech infrastructure.

Ed-Tech Startups

During the keynote at the launch Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB highly supported this campaign and said: “The only way to utilize the skills of this huge population is to enable them to become entrepreneurs.”

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He advised them to use technology to make education more engaging and accessible. He shared the initiatives PITB is already taking to promote tech education domain and encouraged the young lot to pitch their ideas and extended his full support to help execute them.

Ed-Tech Startups

He added: “More than the money these ventures make, it is the impact they have on our lives. Apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat have completely changed our communication medium. These small things have the ability to modify the world, and I believe you are no different than these people.”

Nabeel A. Qadeer, Director Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, PITB further added during the launch campaign: “It is important to create awareness among university students to monetize through startups. Attracting the right stakeholders in Ed-Tech domain is important which is why we have started this campaign.”

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Later, representative of ILM Ideas, Sarra Latif showing her full support said: “The education sector needs you to pitch in new ideas but you must bring innovation and it is through innovation we hope to transform the way education is delivered to young children.”

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