Plan9 signs MOUs with 3Day Startup

Plan9 has signed MOUs with 3Day Startup, Capital Factory and Tech Ranch. The partnership was signed when their representatives recently came from Austin, Texas to Pakistan. The delegation was hosted by the tech incubator during the Global Entrepreneurship Week which was celebrated from 14th till the 21st of November.

Plan9 is Pakistan’s largest technology incubator where a group of ten delegates, belonging to various domains, visited the premises and attended talks on education and growth in the induction of females in the work structure. The firms through their partnership came together to work towards boosting the entrepreneurial spirit across the platforms. Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB, said:

“This partnership means a lot to us. It is a wonderful opportunity for our startups to learn and gain experience from. I think this is just the beginning of something great. It has only been possible because of the wonderful team of PITB, that today we stand here partnering with exceptionally amazing companies at Austin.”


3Day Startup program is designed to provide entrepreneurs knowledge about how they can start companies from their ideas and build their brand.  Capital Factory is a full-service incubator, and Tech Ranch is a community, created for entrepreneurs to help them move forward by providing them with the support they need. All of these firms are established to bolster and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship.


The Plan9’s partnership with the foreign establishments will help our local industry as it will provide a wide web of network, experienced counsel and opportunity for growth to young and aspiring entrepreneurs.