Plan9 teaches children possibilities of technology through Makeathon


Plan 9 has started 2017 with Launchpad Season 9 and also has initiated its first ever Makeathon. The aim of this event was to give the kids a taste of practicality and the makers-space community. The two-day event had students coming from the ages of 10 – 18 and offered a diverse range of workshops and names like Makeistan, DIY Geeks and PakWheels ran those activities. Students from Beaconhouse TNS, Lahore Alma, Roots International and Alma Mater, as well as kids from the PITB family, attended Makeathon.

WhizKids, an initiative of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) stems from the belief in the talent, ability and potential of Pakistani youth. The program integrates school kids from every background to the technological entrepreneurship eco-system by preparing future entrepreneurial leaders. Some of the most inspiring stories have come out of the WhizKids umbrella.

The Makeathon had 9 activities planned out for the participants that were spread over two days. It integrated three stages:

Stage 1 – Ideation
Stage 2 – Visualization
Stage 3 – Implementation

There were exciting gadgets and activities available for students to use and try out in the two-day event. Day 1 started with a big Hello to the students, followed by an Idea Mining activity run by the team of Makesistan. The activity had the students come up with the wildest ideas from the smallest stimulus and ended with a wall of ideas. This was followed by a Stick At It activity run by the team of DIY Geeks. The students had sticks, glue and their imagination to make structures. There was also a Paper Planes activity which resulted in colorful paper planes flying around Arfa Software Technology Park. And thus, Day 1 ended with an exciting Drone Race – drones.

Day 2 kicked off with an introduction to Arduino IDE by Makeistan, followed by a Do It Yourself activity by DIY Geeks.’s Robotic Car Race raised the excitement of the students.

Makeathon PakWheels

Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB, greatly supports the WhizKids initiative:

“Opening up the minds of young kids to endless possibilities in technology is one step closer to their successful future. WhizKids is an attempt to make kids independent and to help them test out their creative side.”

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