Plan9 Whizkids Summer Camp: chance for students to learn this summer

Plan9 Pakistan

Plan9, Pakistan’s largest tech incubator is organizing a 2-3 week long summer and winter camps for the students of grade 6 – 11. The program is titled WhizKids Camp Program. The children will get internship opportunity for startups. The community building activities will also be offered.

Students will learn following skills in this camp:


Students will be offered visual programming language, called Scratch. The language is used to create animations, video games, etc.


Students will be taught about some marketing skills, for example, advertising.


The skill will allow the children to learn graphic designing using Adobe’s Photoshop.

Video Making

Students will be taught how to create beautiful videos and edit them.

Website app development

Students will learn how to create websites and online applications.

Entrepreneurship Leadership Skills Development

This will allow the students to learn how to secure their financial career and become a leader.

With the tagline “Discover Your Passion,” the program is starting from 15th of July, 2016. The last date for applying is 1st July 2016. You can apply on the following link;

Plan9 Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

On the other hand, Plan9 is organizing another program too. In collaboration with the Information Technology University (ITU), a one-month entrepreneurship boot camp is being organized where students (grade 12-13) will get to experience life as an entrepreneur with other like-minded and equally talented individuals.

What students need to do is, form a group of minimum 3 and maximum 5 members. And bring an idea that they believe can be the next success story. Plan9 will provide the right opportunity and the right environment to turn it into reality.

There are two options available for the students to apply to:

Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

Identify a real social problem that Pakistan is facing and find a creative solution that will solve the problem.

Idea Stage Competition:

Any idea, a childhood dream or any technology that you believe can be turned into a viable business opportunity.

What will students learn?

Students will learn personal development, Teamwork, Corporate social responsibility, Communication skills, Risk Management, Research, and public speaking skills.

You can apply by browsing the following URL:


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