Plane crash and negligence of management; was ATR even worth flying


The miserable fate of PIA’s ATR  and 48 people who lost their lives directly holds the management of PIA accountable.

The second best international airline in the world in the 60s now stands nowhere regarding the standard of its service. Like other institutes of Pakistan, PIA is also the victim of conspiracies regarding ownership, Airline that is bouncing like a ball in a debate of privatisation or nationalisation of the institute is only making innocent people suffer the losses.

The latest horrific incident of the air crash that cost the 48 precious lives including a celebrity Junaid Jamshed and DC Chitral Usama Warraich has raised questions about the efficiency of the Pakistani Airlines. No doubts, that accident are unavoidable and despite precautionary measures they can still take place due to weather conditions and unfavourable situations. But seeing upon the extent of crashes in Pakistan we are compelled to question the efficiency of Aviation authority, whether it is ensuring the proper measures to at least confirm that flying planes are technically sound or not.

No report about details of Airblue’s plane craft crash has emerged

In recent years we have witnessed the horrific air crashes in the form or Airblue’s plane crash in 2010 and Bhoja Airline crash in 2012, which collectively took the 273 precious lives. Unfortunately, the detailed report of both these incidents has not come before the public, about the fact that influential people are owners of these airlines.

Failure in the Engine of ATR

According to revelations made by anchor person Mubashar Lucman, the condition of ATRs was not sound, even their purchase was also questioned whether PIA should buy these planes as a replacement of the Fokker or not. Even the technical evaluation committee had raised objections and forbade from making the purchase, but top management ignored this warning. The first two planes that were bought soon met with the issues of engine failures. After the incidents the aircraft maintenance engineer Khalid Mehmood, aircraft engineer avionics Muhammad Zahid and aircraft engineer for planning and projects Kashif Hafeez engineers had communicated their reservations to the top management of the PIA, stating that ATR engines are not compatible with hot weather conditions of Pakistan. Still, PIA management didn’t pay any attention and ATR kept on flying in Pakistan.

In 2014, An ATR landed in Sukardu due to engine failure

The complexities of ATR engine are evident from the fact that a PIA ATR plane PK-452 took off from Sukardo for Islamabad, the aircraft carrying the 60 passengers of onboard, just found that its left-hand engine had flamed up, the flight didn’t move ahead and landed back on Sukardu airport.

Even the propellers of ATRs that were expected to expire until the April 2014 according to data given by the anchor were repaired by the PIA, although the Airline was not authorised for such repair. Such negligence and casual attitude eventually caused the engine failure of the PK 661 and brutal death of the 47 innocent people.

The issue is that PIA management does not seem to bother about the efficiency of the aircraft, rather it only cares about the business.

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