PlanX to host Investors Focus Group for figuring out issues with startup investment

PlanX to host Investors Focus Group

PlanX – one of the largest startup accelerators in Pakistan will host an Investors Focus Group on 10th November 2016 at 4:00 PM. The aim is to encourage conversation within the investment community and to understand what it takes for the investors to invest in a startup. This focus group will be organised at the Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.

At the event, the investment community will be asked about their views, thoughts, ideas, and approaches towards investing in a startup.

Thousands of new enterprises are started every year, and it becomes hard for the entrepreneurs to obtain the financial assistance for their startups, that is why they often ask for the help from their friends, family or other people they know.

Investors Focus Group date
Venue and timing of the event.

Like the other developing countries, Pakistan is also progressing in the field of startups, and the new generation is taking a keen interest in starting their small businesses. Keeping all this in mind, an Investors Focus Group will be organised by the PlanX.

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According to the experts, putting your money into new businesses has lots of financial and personal benefits. If you invest in a new company, it means you are funding for the creation of a new firm.

While investing in a startup is a great way to explore something new, it can make you some money as well. In the Investors Focus Group, PlanX will make its efforts to know what the people think before investing in a new business. The local investor community is invited to this focus group for encouraging a healthy conversation on investing in Pakistani startups.

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