Plot Finder might replace the traditional housing society maps in Pakistan

If all other factors remain the same in the future, digital will generally always beat the conventional. It is the way life goes. Or more precisely, this is the way life has been going in the 21st century.

Sometimes we may indeed wish to preserve the traditions for posterity. However, in one aspect, even the most ardent detractors of the digital age will agree that it has been a blessing for conventional cartography. What is the need of wasting time poring over orthodox maps on paper, when you can have access to digital maps from all over the world? And that too with only a few taps of your finger.

So, it is not really a stretch to say that conventional maps are going to go obsolete, especially after introduced its new feature called Plot Finder. This is particularly the case when you consider the extensive maps for housing societies that can be found at every real estate dealer’s office. There is no need for anyone to shed a tear over the outdated maps of old when the digital revolution is here to stay.

What is the’s Plot Finder tool all about?’s Plot Finder is a tool that contains the digital maps for more than 2,500 housing societies, spread over 38 cities across Pakistan. Fundamentally, it allows you to locate and closely examine the digital maps and locations for nearly 1.2 million plots and homes around the country.

One of the most obvious benefits these maps have over their more traditional, paper-made counterparts is that they actually keep updating the conditions on the ground, in real-time. Besides, if you ever doubt the validity of the information you receive, then you can always corroborate it by using Google Maps.

The details you can receive after using Plot Finder have the potential to change and direct your final real estate decision significantly. In particular, it may have a profound impact on the property choices made by overseas Pakistanis. This will be a significant addition to the arsenal of informational sources that has introduced to this all-important community, as well as to the local real estate market. More on that in a bit.

No Tears to Be Shed for Conventional Housing Society Maps

Previously, if anyone was hoping to find out the exact location, dimensions, and size of a plot, they had to visit the site in person. This was particularly true for people looking to determine what the surrounding areas of a particular property looked like.

The second best option was to use substandard images and prints of these maps. This had two significant downsides. First, this would never allow you to get the full picture of your property of choice, severely limiting your information. Second, these maps could easily be manipulated to depict the conditions on the ground in a much more favorable light than it actually was.

As explained above,’s Plot Finder has proven to be a significant improvement on all fronts. Not only does it effectively replace normal maps, but it also helps save that unnecessary visit to the property in question to analyze the actual situation on the ground. 

Sky is the Limit…

This may just be the beginning.  The sky is the limit when it comes to how Plot Finder can be further developed over time. The tool featured 1.2 million plots and houses in the beginning; however, this number may be expanded in due time to include all the properties in the urban and rural parts of every major city in the country. has been making innovations in the real estate industry for the past 13 years, and Plot Finder is another critical development in this regard. Overseas Pakistanis may indeed have a greater reason to be excited about the development of this tool than local residents. After all, the former stands to gain significantly more utility from this new feature. Real estate agents and consultants often talk about how thoroughly researched overseas Pakistanis are – even while sitting abroad – when they decide to buy a property. A lot of that is a result of the information that is available to them through

Conversely, Plot Finder can be a powerful tool for realtors who want to market their plots. In particular, those plots whose biggest advantage is their location and the state of its surrounding areas. But how do you prove that to a person sitting thousands of miles away from Pakistan? By just using’s useful new tool, Plot Finder.

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