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Prime Minister Imran Khan appeals to the nation including overseas Pakistanis to graciously donate in the dam fund created by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In a brief address to the nation, PM Imran Khan termed the ongoing water crisis as the enormous challenge braving the country. He forewarned that if new dams were not constructed within seven years, the homeland would be facing drought-like circumstances.

“When Pakistan was created, each Pakistani had 5600 cubic meters of water while today it just stands at barely 1000 cubic meters.”, PM Imran Khan said.

PM pleaded that every expatriate should donate at least $1000 in the dam fund, he emphasized that no one is going to give us any loan as we already have almost Rs. 30,000 Billion of debt, so the only way to build this dam is through our own money.

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PM said that contribution in foreign exchange, especially the US dollars, would also help improve the fast-depleting national foreign exchange reserves. To build the confidence of the donators, he vowed to protect the fund money and ensured it would be used to build dams.

Earlier, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar said the same when he formally launched the dam fund account and a process to donate through SMS. CJP, sensing the need of the time, is already campaigning for the dam fund and might also travel to Europe to ask the overseas Pakistanis to donate generously.

PM Khan announced that the government is going to combine CJP dam fund with PM dam fund. He praised CJP over his initiation and asserted that this was not his duty but the political leadership.

Stressing the country’s reducing water storage capacity, he said water saved in the country’s reservoirs could last just 30 days.

“India has a 90-days capacity while Egypt has 1,000 days. According to global standards, the dependable capacity level is 120 days,” Imran Khan highlighted while referring to multiple stats.

dam fund
Citizens can donate to this CJP PM Dam Fund account

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Pakistan has almost 8 to 9 million citizens settled abroad, and they have been given the right to vote in country elections so now they too have stakes in this country. They always sent money for charitable organizations like EDHI, and Shaukat Khanum. We hope, recognizing this critical situation they will throw as much money as they can because our future and existence relies on it.

Other than building the dam, PTI government should also launch a campaign to manage the available water and reservoirs and should implement a policy to protect clean water from being wasted like we saw that how WASA and LWMC using drinking water to clean Lahore roads.

If you have any queries relating Dam Fund Account, do tell us in the comments section below, we will be pleased to help.

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