PML-N invented Calibri Font before the IT Revolution in Punjab

JIT report on Panama Case revealed the major secret that the Shareef family has been hiding for quite some time, they are the creator of Calibri font.1 min

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Who says the ruling elite has not given anything to this country? The ignorant idiots who criticize the PML-N never knew that how much tech savvy the ruling party actually is.

Their love for technology can be traced back to the time the Shareef family invented the Calibri font. It can now be witnessed in their glorious laptop schemes, e-learn program, the mega Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and the list goes on etc.

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For years, the Shareef family kept this secret close to their hearts as they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of poor Bill Gates and his tiny company name Microsoft.

Maybe it is one of the secrets that Maryam Nawaz hinted in her interview stating ” Don’t force Nawaz Shareef to take all the secrets that he’s been keeping for a very long time to the general public.”

In a report submitted by Joint Investigation Team (JIT), the Calibri font’s birth was called into question as the documents submitted by the first daughter featured this default font which was not officially or commercially available before 31st January 2007.

So, either the first family has forged the documents, a highly unlikely scenario after PM Nawaz Sharif blatantly lied in front of the National Assembly and later termed it as “Sayasi Bayan” (a political statement).

According to ProPakistani, the citizens are now trying to fix this error to vindicate their sitting PM by correcting the Fake News Wikipedia page to show that the font was actually created in 2003.

While the whole country is quite optimistic that we will rise up from the #FontGate, Twitterati are assuring people on the popular social networking site that all will soon be well. Let’s review some of the most serious remarks by the Pakistanis:

This Article is a work of Satire

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